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The 2nd season of Tamayura, which was announced just a couple of days ago, is actually planned for 2013 (so my "safe" anticipation of a late 2012 airing clearly failed). Director Junichi Sato also revealed in an interview that he "intends to continue from where the first season left off, with characters unchanged from before".

Tamayura gallery

That unsubstantiated report from earlier this month, about the upcoming TV anime series Binbougami ga! being set for a Summer 2012 debut, turns out to be accurate, indeed, as freshly confirmed by publisher Shueisha. The anime is being created by studio Sunrise.

Binbougami ga!

As for another unsubstantiated rumor that emerged today, about Gengoroh Tagame's gay erotic manga Shirogane no Hana getting a TV anime adaptation from studio AIC Build "with the latest CG techniques" and destined for the late-night programming block Noitamina... well, no. Not gonna happen (not yet, anyway). Gengoroh Tagame made this crystal clear on his Twitter account, even in English. Sorry, girls!
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