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Having saved the best for last, the most notable new titled announced today by Fuji TV at its anticipated Noitamina press conference is Robotics;Notes, complete with a debut trailer. This TV anime adaptation will air in Japan from October 2012 and, according to Famitsu, it's created by studio Production I.G. The other freshly revealed projects are Psycho-Pass (also set for October) and Natsuyuki Rendez-vous (July).

Robotics;Notes Anime Trailer

The Robotics;Notes anime is based on the third entry in the "augmented science adventure" game series developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus, following Chaos;Head (2008) and Steins;Gate (2009) - both of which had also been adapted as anime series (plus an upcoming Steins;Gate movie). The theme of Robotics;Notes is obviously centered around robots, and in particular the question "What would happen if you really tried to make a giant robot?".

The game is set around a school from Tanegashima, an island to the south of Kyuushuu and home to Japan's space administration, JAXA. The main character is a boy who's in the school's robot club. He's a big fighting games fan, and things kick off story-wise when he learns that one of the heroines is a genius programmer who made the engine for a world famous fighting game. This leads the main character to decide to make a robot that uses motion capture and command inputs. For the motion capture, he enlists the help of someone from the karate club. (based on Andriasang synopsis)

The Robotics;Notes game is releasing in Japan for the PS3 and Xbox 360 this June 28.
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