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Also joining the summer 2012 line-up is Dog Days 2, airing in Japan from July - as announced today on the anime series' official website. The second season's key visual is also being displayed there, and - best of all - the first trailer that you can also watch locally, after first being shown this weekend at the 2012 Anime Contents Expo (ACE).

Dog Days 2 ACE 2012 Trailer

Like the first Dog Days TV anime from last year, Dog Days 2 is again created by studio Seven Arcs (Nanoha, Sekirei, Asura Cryin'), based on a concept from manga artist Masaki Tsuzuki - best known for the Lyrical Nanoha A's and StrikerS manga adaptations and a couple of other Nanoha spin-offs.

In the original story, Princess Millhiore of the Biscotti Republic decides to summon a brave warrior from an alternate world to defend her country from the neighboring fiefdom of Garrett. But the "brave warrior" turns out to be a boy named Sink - a name predestined to epic faildom.
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