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Last update - Apr 4, 20:35 GMT (15:35 EST, 12:35 PST)

As a follow-up to yesterday's announcement of a To Love-Ru Darkness anime project, the website has a report about a "Secret Event" held by Geneon Universal at Anime Contents Expo today. There they revealed the format of this upcoming adaptation, as being a TV anime series. Meanwhile, its official website now shows a lovely key visual with the title character, Golden Darkness. No release timeframe yet.

Update: Follow-up story: or maybe not a TV anime...
Update #2: Follow-up story: it's a TV anime, officially.

To Love-Ru Darkness key visual

Japanese game maker Gust has finally released some official screenshots and artworks for the recently announced new fantasy RPG Atelier Ayesha. The images focus on the game's heroine Ayesha Artool (le blonde) and her little sister Nio Artool (le loli), who goes missing. This latest entry in Gust's flagship franchise is being developed for the PlayStation 3, with a June 2012 release planned in Japan.

Atelier Ayesha

And for an unexpected piece of eroge fan translation news, Hoshizora no Memoria can now be played in English, thanks to Staircase Subs' freshly completed English patch for this great eroge from 2009. You'll find instructions and download links over on their page. Just not for the original Japanese game - that one you'll have to procure through alternative means...

Hoshizora no Memoria
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