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Last update - Apr 4, 20:36 GMT (15:36 EST, 12:36 PST)

Yet another follow-up story regarding the format of To Love-Ru Darkness now says that this recently announced anime project might not be a TV series, as reported by a couple of days ago. Their article has since removed any mention of "TV" for the anime's format - which is not to say that it won't be a TV series, just... not officially, yet.

Update #3: Follow-up story: it's a TV anime, officially.

To Love-Ru Golden Darkness

So the first day of ACE 2012 only had 20,780 attendees, in part due to the bad weather that messed up the public transports. Well, I dunno what the weather was like on Sunday - the second day of the show - but the numbers weren't much higher, either, standing at 20,848 visitors. All in all, 41,628 people attended the first ever edition of Anime Contents Expo - compared to 74,173 visitors in the last two (public) days of TAF 2012 the weekend before that. Bitterly ironic, considering that ACE seemed to be a whole lot more exciting, and that the show had already sold 50,801 advance tickets long before it even began. Blame it on the weather? Blame it on the venue?... Blame it on the boogie!

It almost feels like those ACE attendance numbers were a bit of a joke... It did end on April 1, after all. And speaking of which, ANN rounded up some of the spoofs and jokes cooked up by various anime / game companies for this year's April Fools' Day - part 1 and part 2.

Update: More April Fools' lol-news on Omochikaeri (scroll down past the "genuine news").

Update #2: More on ANN - part 3.

The release of the game prequel Guilty Crown Lost Xmas has been pushed back by Nitroplus, from May 31 to July 26 due to "production" issues. This also means that the short Guilty Crown OVA bundled with the game suffered the same delay. The Lost Xmas trailer has been updated to reflect the new release date, as well.

Guilty Crown Lost Xmas

The finale of the Cyborg 009 story as a manga series will launch on Club Sunday, the free comic website of Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine, some 14 years after its original creator Shotaro Ishinomori passed away. The new manga series is titled "Cyborg 009 Kanketsu-Hen conclusion God's War". It will debut with the first chapter, "Prologue Cyborg 001: Tenshi no Haoto" (The Fluttering of Angels) on April 13, followed by the second chapter on May 11. An anime film titled 009 Re:Cyborg is currently being co-created by Production I.G, for a Fall 2012 premiere in Japan.

009 Re:Cyborg
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