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That supposed crossover anime of Detective Conan and Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo (Young Kindaichi's Casebook) may have been just an April Fools' joke, but this one, apparently, isn't. According to Shogakukan's Weekly Shounen Sunday magazine, a special crossover OVA was announced to combine Gosho Aoyama's flagship shounen manga Detective Conan (Meitantei Conan) with another short story of his, called Excalibur.

Detective Conan Excalibur OVA Trailer

The resulting Detective Conan / Excalibur OVA will be offered as a mail-away DVD to applicants who fill out a form that's being published in various magazines in Japan, throughout June 2012, with the OVA probably releasing this summer.

For now, a short trailer is giving fans a glimpse of what to expect from this joint special anime. In Gosho Aoyama's version of the Excalibur story, a young girl who plays baseball tries to obtain a legendary baseball bat.
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