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The studio behind the recently announced TV anime adaptation Little Busters! has been revealed to be J.C. Staff, according to a scan from the Dengeki Visual Arts magazine. Several staffers were also named there, and you can find the translated list over on MAL. No release timeframe for the anime was given at this time, either.

Little Busters! anime trailer

Earlier this month, J.C. Staff was also indicated as the studio that's animating the upcoming TV series Joshiraku, likewise without a release date attached so far.

The Little Busters! game on which the anime is based was originally released by Visual Art's for the PC in July 2007, and it was the 6th title developed by Key - best known for their beloved visual novels Kanon, Air and Clannad, all of which had already received equally beloved anime adaptations.

Following the original all-ages game, an adult version subtitled Ecstasy (EX) was also released one year later, followed by console ports for the PS2, PSP and PS Vita, as well as a side-story eroge called Kud Wafter.

The series' latest iteration - the PS Vita port Little Busters! Converted Edition was released just last month, on March 22.
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