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The upcoming Blu-ray and DVD volumes for the home video release of the TV anime series Accel World will each include a short OVA episode. The anime began airing in Japan (and also simulcasting on Hulu) yesterday, and its first home video disc is planned for release on July 25. The bundled OVA shorts are called Actual World.

Accel World

Studio J.C. Staff is animating the upcoming extras (yep, them again), unlike the ongoing TV anime which is primarily credited to studio Sunrise - with J.C. Staff only helping out on some aspects of the production. The OVA shorts are based on Akariryuryuu's four-panel spinoff manga Actual World, in turn inspired by the original Accel World light novel series by Reki Kawahara.

ANN's report of an listing mentions 8 such Blu-ray and DVD volumes planned for the TV anime's home video release, adding that "initial pre-orders for the first volume will also include Kawahara's all-new short novel, tentatively titled "Accel World: Elements", with illustrations by HIMA", among other goodies.
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