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This week's announcement of a Nintendo 3DS sequel for last year's all-girls ninja action game Senran Kagura also included a bit about a TV anime series adaptation, likewise in the making. No details seem to have been provided about the Senran Kagura anime, but the 3DS game sequel, at least, was revealed to be set for an August 30 release in Japan.

Senran Kagura gallery

Titled Senran Kagura Burst, the new game features the opposing ninja faction from Viper Academy as playable characters, and adds stereoscopic 3D support for part of the game - namely in the locker room, where you dress up your busty female ninjas (only to obliterate their clothes later on, during combat).

So without any further details about the anime available at this time, I'll just leave you with the original game's action-packed opening animation, quite nicely done, and an incipient Senran Kagura gallery.
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