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Last update - May 10, 20:01 GMT (15:01 EST, 12:01 PST)

Reports from the Japanese blogosquid are showing a certain magazine scan announcing that this July will bring a proper TV anime series of Upotte!! - the ongoing web-anime that's been streaming on NicoNico (and on Crunchyroll as well) since last month. Hopefully this upcoming Upotte!! TV anime will be a brand new series, not just a rerun.

Upotte!! TV

Aside from this, there's also an Upotte!! OVA coming in October 2012, as a Blu-ray bundle with the 4th volume of Kitsune Tennouji's manga that spawned these adaptations. Studio Xebec created the ongoing web-anime, but no word yet on who's making the newly announced TV anime and the OVA.

In the original "military school comedy" story, a newly hired teacher discovers that the female students at his new school all have excellent marksmanship skills - and happen to be anthropomorphized assault rifles. (based on ANN synopsis)

Update: ANN's report on this story makes it sound like it will be a rerun of the ongoing web-anime, not a new TV series.
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