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Sadly for fans of the K-ON! manga series, and in particular its "high school version" that began serialization in April 2011, it's all coming to an end next month. The manga's main series, which follows Mio's group through college, was already announced to have its final chapter published this June 9. But as it turns out now, kakifly's remaining K-ON! manga - the high school edition with Azusa, Ui and Jun - will also end next month.

K-ON! - Azusa

In related news, an online auction for a K-ON! guitar signed by all 5 main voice actresses from the anime has reached bids of over 5.5 million yen (close to $70,000), after more than 300 bids as of this weekend. So it's pretty serious business!

And as for other upcoming K-ON! releases and stuff, the K-ON! After School Live!! music and rhythm game is getting its "HD Ver." edition released on the PlayStation 3 next month as well, on June 21.

And, as previously reported here, the long awaited Blu-ray and DVD edition of last winter's anime film K-ON! Movie will be out in Japan on July 18.
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