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The new Paprika trailer released by Sony Pictures has got to be this week's most impressive (though ironically non-lolicious) trailer, revealing even more mind-bending scenes from Satoshi Kon's latest animated movie. That would be the same guy that brought us Pefect Blue and Paranoia Agent, so... yeah, better have some joints and/or plenty of booze at hand while watching this. The premiere is set for May 25, by the way.

Paprika US trailer

And here are the rest of this week's trailers from our imouto web-chan TVkon, including the first teaser for the Appleseed 2 (Appleseed: Ex Machina) CG animated movie sequel produced by John Woo, a new Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny trailer, and some others you might find interesting:

- MySims Wii, DS trailer
- D.Gray-man DS trailer

- Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny trailer #2
- Moonlight Mile special preview
- Today in Class 5-2 promo AMV
- Project ICE trailer
- Aquarion OVA trailer
- Tales of Symphonia OVA trailer
- Appleseed 2 teaser
- Paprika US trailer
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