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Two anime adaptations of Hikaru Nakamura's comedy manga Saint Young Men (Saint Oniisan) are being announced at the same time by Kodansha's Morning magazine and manga imprint. The first one will be a Saint Young Men OVA, to be released this December 3 as a DVD bundle with the manga's special edition 8th volume. Following this, there will also be a Saint Young Men anime film, created by studio A-1 Pictures.

Saint Young Men wallpaper

In the original story, Buddha, the spiritually awakened, and Jesus, son of God share a low-rent apartment in modern Tokyo, taking a secret vacation to the mortal plane. Nakamura's manga has been running since 2006 in the Morning 2 magazine. Her other well known manga is Arakawa Under the Bridge, which also had a (TV) anime adaptation in 2010.

If you're looking for a tad more info on this topic, ANN is listing the staff revealed so far for the upcoming Saint Young Men anime film.
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