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To anyone who knows about Microsoft Certification Exams, taking one of them without studying is inconceivable. But what if you did it? What if you walked in and took one of these exams without cracking a book? Here's what would happen.

You Take A Big Risk

First of all, you'd be taking a big risk. The odds that you can pass Microsoft Certification Exams without any preparation are against you in an almost astronomical way. You risk failing, and more than that, you risk losing the faith that others have in your abilities and your faith in yourself. That is a lot to risk.

You Don't Get As Much Out Of The Experience

Part of the beauty of Microsoft Certification Exams is that they force you to know the IT area in question backwards and forwards. When you pass one of these exams, you demonstrate mastery of its content. Without studying for these exams, if you manage to pass, you show more luck than mastery in most cases, and this is a shame.

You Fail

In the overwhelming majority of cases, if you take a Microsoft Certification Exam without studying, then you fail. These aren't easy exams, and while they aren't impossible, they do require preparation. Even with preparation, failure is not uncommon. Without it, the possibility of failure almost becomes a certainty. This is why you should always study for Microsoft Certification Exams.

The best answer to the question of what happens if you take Microsoft Certification Exams without studying is simple. You don't want to find out.
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