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Legal notice: this is not news, this is just some random personal research my pedo comrade (no communist pun intended) made in his spare time. You know, spare time. When he is not too busy wanking on Chi-Chan. Or Midori-Chan. Or whatever wanking material he has, stashed away from outsiders. It's about the average lolicon's legal status in Hungary:
Legal status in Hungary
According to the latest definition of the act (Law 1997/LXXIII., Penal Code 195/A. §), "Production of Forbidden Pornography" is only forbidden if an underage person actually suffered through the production process. Due to this, any sort of graphics that were produced without using actual live models, or those using live models that were not sexually abused is legal. (Similarly it is legal if the resulting graphics is not original but a derivative of two or more pictures, in where the original picture of the underage person contains no matter violating the above paragraph of the Code. It does not need to bear any express label that the material was produced by any of those methods; and it is the task of the State to prove guilty, not of the defendant to prove innocent, which, with the recent developments in computer graphics, might be a burdensome if not impossible task.)

I don't really fancy Hungary - perhaps because I've seen too many of them, but this makes me rethink. Hard. In other words, US of A is bitching again through it's most intelligent president ever:
The Supreme Court of the United States decided in 2002, and affirmed in 2004, that previous prohibition of simulated child pornography under the Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 was unconstitutional. (...) On 30 April 2003, President George W. Bush signed into law the PROTECT Act of 2003 (also dubbed the Amber Alert Law) which again criminalizes simulated child pornography.

Oh yes, and here is a map with the Age of Consent. Choose yer destination carefully.

Would ye hit that?

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