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Sometimes I get sick of all these evil policemen telling me it is wrong to stare at young girls, while a pool of saliva is casually forming at my feet. Hell, I'm even afraid someday one of them will bust my ass and throw me in jail for sins I didn't commit. Well, it so happens that I have randomly discovered reason no. 1,293,444 to move to Japan (IF there was actually a need for one more reason) - Staring and taking photos of Lolitas in Japan is completely legal, open-minded and, most of all, a freaking fine and cash rewarding business.

Although new and tougher laws cracking down on kiddy porn have been put into force, legal aspects of this business proliferate. These include publications such as deluxe coffee table books containing photo collections of young females in a variety of suggestive poses, and DVDs showing them in motion --- clad in dresses or bathing suits, of course, but still satisfyingly suggestive to aficionados of "U-15," i.e., under 15 years old, as pubescent females are referred to by some.

If you care to read through the whole article, you will be amazed to discover that even the random mommy or daddy that gets her/his daughter to such photo shootings are aware of their kid's... potential to inflict massive boners throughout the lolicon community. And they love it. At least, they love the money they make out of it. As long as there is nothing illicit, like ass rape or tentacle porn involved, the police will just pass by.

Good. Now I must learn to use a camera, for frontal pics and up-skirt pics. Then I'll make millions.

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