A flat chest is fine, too!
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I can barely type on my keyboard, now that it's completely covered in super-sticky excitement. But I must! Because today, fellow lolicons, we celebrate one of the greatest days in the history in great loli days - the day we can finally download procure throuhg various means the final episode of Today in Class 5-2 (Kyou no Go no Ni). I swear to loli Jesus, if this show were 12 episodes long, it would kick the living crap out of Ichigo Mashimaro. But unfortunately we have to settle for 4 episodes... which is fine, too! (much like a flat chest).

Now if you'll excuse me, our not-so-mutual friends over at Tokyo Toshokan are banging on my door with the final episode, and I don't mean to keep them - or myself - wanking waiting any longer.

Booze - check... Napkins - check... Screenshooting-proggie - check... Popcorn - ah fsk it, just push play!


Later edit: I am deeply, deeply disappointed by this final episode. But I'd still hit those girls today - or any single day - in class 5-2.
Doomnezeuwrote on Jun 20, 2007 at 13:53
Oh boy.
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