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San Diego, California, Tuesday, June 26, 2007 - JAST USA affiliate brand G-Collections, the leading publisher of Japanese PC dating-sim games in English, today announced the acquisition and beginning of development for Amorous Professor Cherry, an adult-oriented bishoujo ("beautiful girl") PC game from Japanese maker ZyX scheduled for release to the English language market.
Amorous Professor Cherry is in the initial phase of development and is expected to see release in late 2007 or early 2008, and is now available for preorder at JAST USA ( with rollout to other retailers coming soon. Further game information is available at the official JAST USA website as well.

I'm pointing this out not as much for the game itself, but for the website. I bet many of you people are just dying to finger some virtual lolitas in a nice and safe environment, but you are finding it hard to fulfill your inner desires with all those Japanese walls of text critting you for OVER NINE THOUSAND. This website looks just like a good place to start funding your new bishoujo games collection - all in a clean, good ol' engrish language.


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