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Synch-Point has good news for us anime fans. It seems they will be releasing FLCL: The Ultimate Edition somewhere on 21 November. For a spicey 70 USD, you can get the full series, some useless director's commentary, a sticker sheet, postcards, and more.


- Collector's box
- All 6 episodes on 3 DVD discs
- Director's Commentary
- Storyboard Comparison
- Image Gallery
- FLCL Test Type (Animation from FLCL, music by the Pillows)
- And MORE!

Bonus items include:
- FLCL T-Shirt Postcard (Redeemable for one (1) t-shirt, size Small - XL)
- Sticker Sheet featuring all FLCL Logos (9 stickers)
- Postcard Set featuring robots from FLCL (6 postcards)
- FLCL Ultimate Book featuring translation notes, English voice actor interviews, manga scenes, and more!


Sounds nice, and I might just pre-order this baby. Oh yeah, by the way, if you don't know what FLCL is, you should be shot on the spot. And then raped by horses.

Stokkywrote on Sep 11, 2006 at 16:03
Furi Kuri? Guri Guri? Sono eyebrows! :D
himselfwrote on Sep 25, 2006 at 16:52
My favourite anime EVER!

*note that I'm still watching Ichigo Mashimaru and Azumanga.
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