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As with any new season, a new wave of more-or-less refreshing animes is starting to flood the Japanese TVs, spilling all over the internets. To give you an idea of how many napkins you should put aside for the months ahead, we bring you this latest batch of preview / promo trailers for some of the upcoming shows - undeniably topped by the insanely hawt Kodomo no Jikan anime (based on the lolicon manga that's been somewhat banned in the US). There are also some clips for Shakugan no Shana 2, Genshiken 2, Blue Drop, ef - a tale of memories, along with others you might find appealing. We didn't. But we're still listing them all below:

- Blue Drop preview trailer
- Dragonaut preview trailer
- ef - a tale of memories prologue
- Genshiken 2 preview trailer
- Ghost Hound preview #2 (updated)
- Gundam 00 preview #1, preview #2, preview #3, preview #4
- Kodomo no Jikan preview trailer
- Myself; Yourself preview trailer
- Prism Ark promo trailer
- Shakugan no Shana 2 promo

Update: Replaced the raw Ghost Hound preview #2 trailer with a version subbed by Genjo.
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