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Lately, I've been cleaning up my room a bit, just in case my folks would come visit (which they will at some point), and I've stumbled across an old DVD pack, containing all sorts of anime I've used to watch like... ages ago. So I said to myself, until mom gets here and starts yelling like a nazi about the mess in my room, about the empty bottles of vodka and about the fact that I should get married like any normal person and I should stop fapping on anime, why not take a look at some movies I used to watch long ago.

So ok, what to watch? Random guessing it was - Wonderful Days. The name sounded so fucking familiar, but at the moment I was completely drunk, wasted, plus a joint of marijuana that somehow popped on during my earlier drinking session. So OK, I said to myself (I always talk with myself, and occasionally play with myself, for that matter), Wonderful Days shall it be.

During the first minutes, I could not remember shit about it, although lately I was told we (me and a couple of drinking buddies) used to watch it a lot, mainly for the opening theme, which, if I do say so myself, is almost better than the uber-mega trio of opening themes, Elfen Lied, Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, and This Ugly yet Beautiful World. These three are stamped by my very professional mark (of loli chaos) as the best OPs in the whole fucking world.

Then I got bothered that, even as stoned as I was, I couldn't understand shit of what they were talking about in the movie. Later I have figured it was Korean, not Japanese, and the fact that I knew it was Korean even without knowing any Korean should make me a genius. Which I am, of course. I will not start to relate the whole story of Wonderful Days, because it makes no sense: suffice to say it is about a city, named Ecoban or something, which feeds on pollution, and about a dudette who looks kinda manly an who discovers that her lost loli love is actually very much alive and breathing; moreover, he is plotting to kick Ecoban in the nuts for it being an elitist town, full of elitist bitches that should all die in a fire.

And of course, we have an evil character. Who is, again of course, in love with the main chick character. And who looks totally gay, with his white pony tail and annoying attitude. And yes, he dies in the end, after repentance, just like every other evil anime character that has the time to repent before he gets totally owned, either by the good character, either by some random event that even Murphy wouldn't be able to understand. Graphic-wise, Wonderful Days is made of win. CG at its best, and, being an "old" movie, that makes it even better. But then, Spirits Within is also an old movie, and it also looks astonishing, even in our times, when stuff like Advent Children roams the streets even in daytime.

Wonderful Days, offers, sadly, too few lolis to satisfy our specific hunger, but one of the lolis is blind. And a blind and helpless loli is always something to take into consideration. Many of the characters are shallow - I personally have a big dislike for the main male dude, who is something like "look at me, I'm a big time loner, I can do all things by myself!". I so fucking hate that type of men, be it in movies or in real life - they are actually just plain old losers who never got laid one fucking single time in their entire pathetic life. Or, if they somehow, magically, did, they had to obviously pay for it, because free sex is only for real men.

But enough ranting. All in all, Wonderful Days was worth it. We here at Animekon developed a rating system based on lolis (and no, my pedo comrade doesn't know about it yet, I just made it up), and from a total of 5 lolis possible, this movie gets 3. Which is good. If ye didn't have the chance to watch it yet, now would be a glorious time to do it.

himselfwrote on Sep 19, 2007 at 13:25
This article needs moar desu.
anonymouswrote on Oct 3, 2007 at 01:03
i think 3 out of 5 desus is suitable
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