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My pedo comrade did mention it in one of his blog entries, but I feel the imperious need to detail it a bit, since it is the first such happening in our little and beautiful country. An Otaku Festival! Yes, you heard me right. Peeps all over the country will be gathering to share their common love for manga, anime and little girls. We will be there, and we will enjoy it. We'll get to see some of our national artists at work (artists that do not get the daily chance to show off their work, due to idiotic policies and mentalities that consider the Otaku phenomenon a childish behavior), we'll get to attend some anime sessions. And various other things. The festival will take place in Bucharest on October 7 and 8, with a grand opening in Brasov, on September 30. They say we will gonna party. Hell yea, I just hope they prepare some nice cosplay teens for our enjoyment. And figurines for sale, please. I love figurines. And most of all I love figurines that can be undressed.
Well, that's about it, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, be sure to visit this thing, as it promises to deliver.
Lament of the Lamb movie details at Animekonwrote on Oct 24, 2006 at 05:12
[...] Except for the recent Otaku Festival, I had little reason for being proud of being a Romanian in quite a while… until today. As I was scanning through the usual anime websites, much like Kimura-sensei scanning through a pool full of Karin-chans, I sniffed some used bathing suits new details regarding the upcoming Lament of the Lamb live-action movie (the one my pedo comrade mentioned a few days ago). [...]
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