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For one reason or another, KimiKiss Pure Rouge was one of my most wanted shows this autumn, even though I knew jack shit (give or take) about this school anime by J.C. Staff, and about Enterbrain's game that spawned it. I was, however, fairly well acquainted with its characters - which is to be expected, considering that I've been drooling all over those KimiKiss lolis for... quite some time now.

As expected, the show looks like your average romantic-school-comedy, but it certainly doesn't go below average. In fact, there's something about KimiKiss which makes it quite a turn-on, without offering any palpable fanservice. Or... maybe just a little. With plenty of kiddy-flashbacks to pave the way for a groin-warming heart-warming story, no doubt.

The first character we get to meet is Pedobear. No? Oh, sorry, some screens got mixed up. So, the first character is Mao-neechan, the typical childhood friend returning after several years of living in some random country called France. I won't bother talking about the other two childhood friends (mostly because they're not lolis), but suffice to say they have this weird habit of carrying around huge bags, probably full of tissues... Oh, and there's also Nana-chan, who I can already tell is having impure thoughts about Mao-neechan. And vice-versa.

Anyway, school starts the next day, and that's when we meet Kawada, a teacher who gets forced into doing various things with her students. And vice-versa. Mao's classmates seem amazingly boring, so no point in wasting time with them, either. There are still some characters left to be undressed unveiled in the following episode(s), but so far, the hottest of them all shows up at the end of the first episode: Futami, a humming genius with an IQ of over nine thousand, who likes to... "conduct experiments". And, by the looks of it, I wouldn't be surprised if her younger sister was Ai from Jigoku Shoujo. Spooky. Just the way we like 'em.

All in all, I'm guessing KimiKiss will be a mellow series worth watching if you're into school dramas. Otherwise, go watch Higurashi or something.

P.S. No tissues were harmed while reviewing this episode.

doomnezeuwrote on Oct 10, 2007 at 08:36
That Futami chick reminds me of Mei from Manabi Straight.
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