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Seems like Miku is becoming quite of a hype these days, thanks to Vocaloid 2's extreme mediatic success. Well, from my part, it's nice to see a loli going up on the charts, even if most western fanboys don't have a clue about what they are drooling on. And since good porn entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes (preferably small), GoodSmile announced that they will be releasing a cute chibi-Miku doll, for all of us to take home and do various things to her.

Not surprisingly enough, in the first two days since the announcement was made, thousands and thousands of avid customers invaded the virtual space of Amazon for a quick pre-order, summarizing no less than... 10,000 such shopping sprees. On Amazon only, mind you. There are various other stores there who will probably put Miku's panties to the test, so I expect this pre-order madness to reach the heights of Hazuki-chan's hawtness.

Well, what can I say. Miku looks good, the doll looks cute. All I can do now is wait for the Rin figurine, for a certain, unknown, yet strangely arousing reason, she seems to have more sex appeal to me than Miku.

Poke Miku's a-cups for a trip to the product info.

Thanks Dogs in ze can for the scoop.
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