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While fans who download pirated animes are still hiding safely behind the protection of Japan's Copyright Law (which only prohibits unauthorized uploaders), the reckless benefactors who make it all possible don't have that same luxury. And every once in a while - much like loli Jesus every few thousand years - a few of them get busted for our sins.

Two such anime uploaders were arrested last Thursday, ANN reports following an announcement made by Japan's Association of Copyright for Computer Software (ACCS). The two "pirates" are charged with uploading episode 23 of Idol Master Xenoglossia, and episode 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, on the Winny file-sharing network. Yep, they blew it for two lousy episodes, and the funny thing is that both animes are produced by Sunrise - so I can't help wondering if the pissed-off company didn't have something to do with this crackdown...

A third guy was also caught in the crossfire and arrested, after he created a computer virus and released it on the same Winny network, hidden in a program (screensaver, I guess) that was using images from the Clannad anime. The irony of it all is that the guy who developed Winny in the first place (Isamu Kaneko) was also arrested a few years ago, only to later co-develop the SkeedCast program, which is now used by Gonzo and other companies for authorized file-sharing. God owns in mysterious ways.

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