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I don't recall writing about the release of particular ero-games here on Animekon before, other than general trends and tops. But this definitely needs to change around here. And it needs to change today, because January 25 turns out to be a huge release day for various ero-games - almost 40, all in all! Feel free to inspect them over on (scroll all the way down for the full list), and don't forget to bring tissues.

From these, (one of) the most awaited eroge is supposed to be Fortune Arterial, by August Soft. However, I would much rather divert my attention and feast my eyes upon Garden, by Cuffs. Even though, as the developers warned their trembling fans, two of the game's characters will not have playable routes anymore (Mana and the hottest of them all, the pink-haired Ruri), due to "production deficiencies". Oh well, demo here, trailer linked below.

Again, I urge you to check them all to find the perfect match for your fetish of choice. You'll find demo versions for many of them, once you reach their official website (if you can take the crits from those walls of kanji). For a quick taste, though, enjoy the two new local trailers introducing the lolis from Fortune Arterial and Garden.

Via HD, yet again.
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