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ADV managed to create some commotion last month, when they removed more than 30 anime titles from their website, and the vague explanation that followed did nothing to put us at rest. On the contrary, the fate of those "vaporware" animes looked even more unsure for their English-speaking fans... Well, the good news now is that most of those titles have returned in an updated release list issued by ADV Films. But the bad news is that said list is full of delays, and still missing a few titles of interest such as Gurren Lagann.

But wait! Things get even more confusing, when you compare the list received by ANN, with the one from Right Stuf - and see the dates don't quite match. The titles are the same, but Right Stuf's release dates are one week later than ANN's. So now two questions arise: first of all, which list (if any) is accurate? And second, does anyone even care?
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