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We've been putting up a brave resistance against posting stuff about Hatsune Miku in the last couple of months, even though there have been several stories (including one involving Gackt, which I will absolute not tackle). So you'll have to pardon me for this one slip, but I just couldn't resist.

As spotted on AkibaBlog, a few days ago in Akihabara there were three Hatsune Miku itasha (anime-pimped cars) parked on a back street, and left there for passers-by to drool over them. The coolest one was a "Miku GTO" brought all the way from Hiroshima, then there was a "Miku Camaro" pimped by Studio-R-san (more photos of it there), and finally a "Miku Levin" which - quite clearly - needs moar desu.

More photos on AkibaBlog.
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