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My epic lazyness has finally succumbed under the frustration of not being able to group news, images and trailers around games, like we're already doing with animes (call me a control freak). So after sacrificing a day with coding and nerve-racking database linking, we can joyfully welcome you to our new "Games" section here on Animekon. We'll be using it to better organize our wanking highly professional editorial and visual materials, be it gaming news, gaming trailers, or - more and more often - eroge images.

We hope you'll find it useful (and bug-less), and should you need more info about a particular game - such as release dates, producers, official website etc. - odds are you'll find them on VNDB (Visual Novel Database). There's an automatic link to them included on each of our game pages, unless the game in question isn't a visual novel / adventure / eroge / galge of some sort, and as a result can't be found on VNDB. Or in other words, the title is too mainstream (think Final Fantasy), in which case... just fucking Google it.

Now, back to our usual program.
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