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Today and one week from now, on May 30, are two of the busiest days of the year for eroge fans, as they mark the release of... umm... well I can't count that high anymore after that drink earlier, but rest assured, there's plenty of them coming out. Today alone there are 17 eroge titles hitting the stores (be them retail or online), and it's going to get even hotter next week.

HD has nicely compiled lists with the 8 non-download eroge released today (including Chrono Belt and Natsuzora Kanata - for which I'll try to add some pics and trailer(s) later, looks damn fine), as well as 9 eroge available via download, some of which were previously released in stores.

Looking ahead to upcoming productions and various other ero-news, here's a quick round-up of stories you might be interested in:

- Sexfriend 2 is in the works at eroge maker Code Pink for a 2009 release, and so is another game called Sumeragi Ryouko no Bitch na Ichinichi (website) - this one should be coming out this year, on October 31. And, by the way, France Shoujo is still alive, it seems. It's another game from Code Pink's parent company Stone Heads, but through its Pil brand, and with yummy lolis by Tony Taka (see Soramizu for more of his yummy artworks).

- More HD ero-news, like new websites and such, are up here and here. Not enough lolis to make it worth our time, though.

- Zepy brings word that Little Busters! Ecstasy is going to be 2 DVDs and will need 5 GB of disk space (up from 3.5 GB in the original), along with some new scans. Among other stuff about eroge you'll find there...

- Hatsune Miku makes her official game debut in a Nintendo DS game. First trailer up on Famitsu. Not exactly ero, but hey - it's a game!

- Critical Mass Video announced the release of Slave Sisters and Slaves To Passion, an enslaving double-pack of ero-animes, on August 26. Not exactly a game, but hey - it's ero!

- And to end this round-up, Akibablog wrote about some new Code Geass R2 doujinshi, called "Majyo Yome Nikki R2". And by "wrote", I mean "posted NSFW pictures".

- I need another drink.
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