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We've been slacking on the news front over the weekend, due to more pressing issues - like splitting our trailers website, TVkon, over two servers (yeah, it's getting THAT big), and moving Animekon to a faster (and more reliable) server. Which meant coding, coding, and more coding... and, inevitably, a few tiny little mishaps along the way, which hopefully not too many of you noticed. But anyway, we're all done now, so let's get back to loli business.

- Innocent kids juices for sale! *Slurp, slurp*

- The flying mecha-lolis anime Strike Witches will also be aired online on Crunchyroll and YouTube, as announced by Gonzo (via Giapet). The TV series, which continues last year's Strike Witches OVA, is part of the Summer 2008 anime season, with a Japanese premiere set for July 4. And, presumably, it will also be rolled out online at the same time.

- If, like us, you're a fan of Makoto Shinkai (5cm per Second, Beyond the Clouds, Voices of a Distant Star), you might want to read this report from a screening event in London he attended on June 20. The focus was on 5cm (since it was screened there), but Shinkai talked about other things, as well, hinting that his next film will be a full-length feature.

- Miyazaki plans museum anime shorts after Ponyo. Whatever, Miyazaki is so last century, Shinkai for the win.

- Another week, another round of Akihabara killer copycats: a 19-year old boy was arrested (backup) after he posted an online threat saying "I will go to [Tokyo] Disneyland to stab visitors to death", and the police also took interest in a 16-year old girl (who wouldn't?) after she threatened (backup) on the Internet to commit mass murder in Tokyo's Shibuya district. For the first time since this month's Akiba massacre, however, somebody went one step further, slashing 3 people with a knife at the JR Osaka Station (backup). They only suffered minor injuries, but the attacker hasn't been caught, yet.
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