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Now that is what I call a summer vacation. Nearly two months of total shut-down, with virtually no productive activity whatsoever, no cross-country booze-drenched adventures, no broken legs in the mountains, not even a notable amount of anime sessions... Slacking, at its finest! But, alas, the time has come to get on with the show, and - for starters - see what new animes have been announced during July and August so far.

Well then, here's the list we ripped off cooked up from AnimeSuki's definitive topic, along with various updates on previously-known, but yet-to-be-aired series.

- Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka - begins this autumn (website).
- Akikan! - just a website showing another one of them juicy hypo-carbonated lolis.
- Asu no Yoichi! - based on the ongoing harem comedy manga of the same title (website).
- Black God (Kuro Kami) - based on an ongoing fantasy drama manga sporting some cool looking covers, at the very least. The first chapter of the manga can be viewed online on publisher Square's website. Studio Sunrise is producing the animation.
- Black Lagoon 3 - just what the title says, and nothing more; for now.
- Chaos;HEAd - based on this year's Chaos;HEAd visual novel game by 5pb. and Nitroplus. Begins in October 2008 (website).
- ef - a tale of melodies - announced as the second season of ef - a tale of memories, once again based on Minori's ef eroge franchise. We posted the first trailer right before going on vacation, but it's worth mentioning it again in case you missed it (website).
- Eve no Jikan (Time of Eve) - just a website for this new anime coming from the director of Mizu no Kotoba (2002) and Pale Cocoon (2005), two sublime short animations.
- Fullmetal Alchemist 2 - finally confirmed to be in the making, after the recent incident involving a leaked document from studio Bones.
- Guin Saga - based on a fantasy novel series spanning 122 volumes so far. Begins in spring 2009 (website).
- Gunslinger Girl OVA - announced as a two-episode OVA, to be released on a single DVD in October 2008 apparently, soon after the final DVD of Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino ships in Japan (website).
- Hetalia Axis Powers (Hetaria Axis Powers) - based on a single-volume comedy manga originally born online (website).
- Higanjima - a vaguely rumored / speculated anime adaptation based on the Higanjima horror manga series. To be confirmed.
- Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Rei - the third Higurashi anime (OVA) will be released from December 26, 2008 and all the way to August 2009. An excruciating wait, indeed...
- Hyakko - begins in October 2008 (website).
- Ichigo Mashimaro OVA 2 - hell yeah! I nearly had an explosive nose bleeding when I first read the announcement, and I'm still highly aroused at the thought of more IchiMashi lolis.
- Inuyasha short - a new 30-minute Inuyasha short anime film, screened at a Takahashi Rumiko exhibition in Tokyo from July 30 to August 11.
- Junjou Romantica 2nd Season - gay, yaoi, do not want. Begins in October 2008 (website).
- Kemeko Deluxe! - begins in October 2008 (website).
- Kiss x Sis - the anime adaptation based on that incest manga that got us all intrigued (to say the least) will actually be an OVA (website).
- Kodomo no Jikan OVA - looks like the "second season" of Kodomo no Jikan will be a rather short one. Ah well, a flat OVA is fine, too! (website).
- Konnichiwa Anne (Before Green Gables) - an anime adaptation of Budge Wilson's new children's novel "Before Green Gables", which in turn is a prequel to the classic 1908 novel "Anne of Green Gables", also adapted into a 50 episode anime in 1979. To be ignored.
- Kuro Shitsuji - based on a shounen manga about an overqualified, stressed-out butler serving a 12-year-old master. Begins in October 2008 (website).
- Kyou no Go no Ni (2008) - yet another hearty "hell yeah!", for what was announced as a full-fledged anime based on the Kyou no Go no Ni (Today in Class 5-2) manga. The exquisite blend of school humor, plain ridiculousness, and raging sexual innuendo found in the agonizingly short OVA will hopefully return undiminished. Begins in October 2008 (website).
- Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st - a remake of the first Lyrical Nanoha season, in the shape and form of an animated film. Coming in 2009 (website).
- Maria Holic - Based on a seinen comedy manga about the love of two "girls", one of which is actually a sadistic boy in disguise. Begins in January 2009 (website).
- Mouryou no Hako - anoher novel-to-anime adaptation, this time based on a genuine Japanese detective / youkai story published in 1995, which already received a live-action movie and an ongoing manga. The anime is being produced by studio Madhouse.
- Noramimi 2 - begins in October 2008.
- One Outs - based on a seinen baseball manga. Begins in October 2008. To be ignored.
- Quartz - a new anime series co-produced by American comic book pioneer Stan Lee, and Japanese animation studio Gonzo.
- Queen's Blade - just a website, but still no release date from what I gather.
- Ranma 1/2 - a new anime short (the first one in 12 years) based on the Akumu! Shunminkou story from the manga, screened at the same Takahashi Rumiko exhibition mentioned earlier (scroll up to the new Inuyasha short).
- Seto no Hanayome OVA - just a release date for this previously announced OVA: November 28, 2008.
- Shikabane Hime Aka - just a website opened by StarChild, carrying quite an expressive (though sadly not explicit) image. Begins this autumn.
- Shikabane Hime Kuro - is the title of the second season of Shikabane Hime, which has already been announced by Gainax-feel (the first season is animated by Gainax, and this second one by feel). Begins in winter 2009.
- Shugo Chara! 2nd Season - 'nuff said.
- Switch - just a website for this two-episode OVA, whose first episode will be released on DVD in October, and the second one in December 2008.
- Taishou Yakyuu Musume (Taishou-Era Baseball Girls) - based on a light novel series which so far spawned 2 volumes packed full of baseballing schoolgirls.
- Tales of the Abyss - begins in October 2008 (website).
- Tentai Senshi Sunred - based on a seinen comedy manga about... some stuff I don't find particularly interesting right now. The anime will be made up of 26 half-length episodes. Begins in September 2008 (website).
- Tetsuwan Birdy Decode 2nd Season - begins in January 2009 (website).
- ToHeart2ad plus - announced as a new OVA series. Begins in 2009.
- Tonari no 801-chan - based on the 801-chan (Yaoi-chan) 4-koma comedy manga. To be animated by Kyoto Animation. Begins in 2009 (website).
- Umineko no Naku Koro ni (When Seagulls Cry) - the first in what may well become another excellent horror anime series, based on the doujin visual novels by 07th Expansion - if Higurashi no Naku Koro ni rings any bells... So far, this new "When They Cry" sub-series spawned two games in 2007, with a third one currently in the making (website).
- Vampire Knight Guilty - is the title of the Vampire Knight 2nd season announced a couple of months ago. Begins in October 2008.
- White Album - begins in January 2009 (website).
- Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart - looks like a five-episode OVA, to be released on DVD starting from October 29, 2008, all through February 2009 (website). You'll also find some pics with this harem-ish anime's characters in our local gallery, aside from the one below.

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