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My pedo comrade has also mentioned this in his remarkable "Summer Anime Announcements" post (a post that took him about two weeks to complete, due to certain encounters in Black Temple where he had to spam more than his Fros'bolt designated key), but I thought it deserves a bit of clarification. So, here it goes.

Full Metal Alchemist equals legions of fans, equals horny teenagers wanking on homunculi, equals over-the-top action, equals one of the best anime series ever. Not even I can argue with that. In fact, I actually loved it, and watched it like... 5 times. Full session, every time. After that, we had the Gay Conqueror of Shambala. Meh. Some of us expected more. If some expected less, they should re-check their standards.

A sequel for Full Metal Alchemist was probably one of the most anticipated announcements EVER, and, thank Loli Jesus, the rumors were abundant. It all started with a "leaked" management document from Bones, which casually pointed at Yasuhiro Irie as being the new director for the second series. At first, the rumor was promptly denied, along with a similar Darker than Black announcement, but it seems that things were already set into motion. Obviously.

As of today (Friday), the 20th volume of the FMA manga will actually confirm the new television series, so keep your heads up for more delicious action. Thanks, ANN.

anonymouswrote on Mar 11, 2011 at 05:14
i like that anime^_^
Grimmjow101wrote on Mar 12, 2011 at 02:19
is dis a Brotherhood sequel even tho i havent finished brotherhood
Stokkywrote on Mar 14, 2011 at 12:11
Nah, this story is from 2008, when news about Brootherhood was first leaked.
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