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Well, whether you liked it or not, that thing called Afro Samurai was more than a hit. In certain world regions, at least. Funmination, the uber US anime distributors managed to squeeze no less than 13 million USD from this (soon to become) francise, which, eventually, led to a sequel announcement. That's right. Not a full fledged sequel, mind you, but only a "movie", entitled Afro Samurai: Resurrection - bound for release in the never-collapsing American theatres somewhere in January 2009.

According to the Internet's loud voices, we will experience Lucy Liu's extremely sexy voice in this particular show, accompanied by Mark Hamill and, of course, Samuel L. Jackson (who seems to be out of actual good movies to star in). Besides this, a live action movie adaptation will park its Harley in a courtyard near you soon, with a suggestion for the protagonist, in the shoes of Andre Benjamin, some hip-hop dude.
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