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I was gullible enough to believe Capcom and Sony Pictures when they claimed that Resident Evil: Degeneration would have "groundbreaking visual effects", back when they announced the CG movie one year ago. Well the joke is on me, and on everyone else expecting some kind of visual splendor, because from what we're being shown this week, the graphics are so mediocre, it's not even funny!

The movie's earlier trailer was indeed looking ok...'ish. But now IGN features the first 11 minutes from Resident Evil: Degeneration, split between 8 minutes of boredom, and 3 minutes of bloody zombie spree secured behind an age-gate. And it's far from even ok'ish, let alone groundbreaking. As Kotaku puts it:
"The stiff, bulky characters and animation on show here look more like a pre-rendered cutscene for a PS2 game than a 21st-century animation film. Ah well. It has zombies, it's Resident Evil, people will love it."

Ah well, indeed. The DVD and Blu-ray will be out this December 30 in America, if anyone still gives a zombie fart.
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