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Oh noes, the '80s are back with a vengeance bubblegum crisis! The Bubblegum Crisis, in fact, if anyone still remembers that classic - or quite simply rusted - anime franchise spawned by former studio ARTMIC, way back in 1987 (in the time of the most fugly anime character designs ever). Armed with a shovel and a press release, the uninspired folks from Anime International Company (AIC) are forcing the franchise back into our attention, by announcing their plans for a live-action movie and, according to AnimeNation, a new anime.

The original Bubbelz0rz Crisis was about 4 chicks bent on protecting a cybernetic future Tokyo, with the help of their pantsu-hiding Knight Saber power armor suits (don't let the above picture fool you). The same will presumably happen in the live-action movie, whose production will be handled by the Singapore-based studio Cubix, with consultance from original co-creators Shinji Aramaki and Kenichi Sonoda.

AIC is currently aiming for a 2011 release "in the United States and elsewhere", provided they can raise several tens of millions of dollars in financing. Well, if the Americans are making a live-action Akira movie, anything's possible!
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