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Well, we slacked waited and waited for some new developments on this topic, but it seems the whole thing is really stuck for the time being. So like the title says, the formerly-ongoing Kannagi manga was put on hold, indefinitely. The official explanation given - and reiterated - by the editors of Comic REX (the magazine where the manga was being serialized) is that Kannagi creator Eri Takenashi is no longer able to continue writing the manga due to her poor health. Shikashi...

However some crazed otaku are not happy with this explanation, just as they were not happy with the recent revelation made by the author, involving Nagi's virginity - or lack of thereof. Still, trying to link this to Takenashi's alleged health problems is of poor taste, to say the least (even if some link did indeed exist). And it's even more despicable to demand more personal details about her health, as some are asking in order to ease their horny mind.

Had Comic REX given some other silly reason - like the author moving on to become a crazy shrine maiden or something - then sure, we'd be all for silly speculation. But when her health is at stake, we'd rather refrain from acid comments. That said, they'd better not be shitting their fans. Pissing off Kannagi manga / anime fans seems a bit like pissing off Fallout gaming fans: you don't want to go there!
Warangwrote on Aug 28, 2011 at 23:13
My God, it was alike cold shower when I've read the latest chapters. Damn, how could she?
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