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Hungry? Surely, you wouldn't refuse a bowl of hot, steamy rice: not when the package of origin has a hot, steamy 2D chick printed on it! That's right, my dear chopstick-yielding friends, yet another edible otaku product is about to be served, with the introduction of a new Touhou "doujin rice". This isn't just your run-of-the-mill rice, mind you, but a grade 1 rice grown by an actual otaku farmer (if there ever was one). Each rice bag has a yummy picture of Onozuka Komachi from the doujin games Touhou Project on the front, and a manga strip on the back - good for killing time while boiling the rice.

Even if you don't feel like eating it, you could put it on display next to your swimsuit Nanoha figures - as one of Zepy's commenters suggests. And with this apocalyptic world crysis and everything, it might actually come in handy someday. That is, if you're willing to invest 2000 yen (about 22 dollars) on just 1kg apparently.

The rice will go on sale on March 8, at the Touhou-Project-Con held at Tokyo Big Sight, and is also available for pre-order online via Toranoana. Alas, the world of doujin / self-published / fan-made / otaku-grown products has no limit!

The mind boggles. The stomach growls.
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