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Sakura Strasse anime? Hmm, looks like I missed this one when it was first announced back in January. But no worries, it won't be coming out this year, anyway. According to a fresh MoonPhase Diary update (via AnimeSuki), this eroge-to-anime TV series adaptation has sadly been delayed to 2010.

Literally meaning Sakura Street (duh), Sakura Strasse is a 2008 school / comedy / fantasy eroge created by Palette, who later expanded the game with a fandisc called Sakuranbo Strasse adding afterstories for each heroine, among other visual goodies. The starting scenario goes something like this.
"There is a restaurant in a small town where Harumi was born and grown up. But he now lives alone far from his hometown. One day, he is informed that his mother gets ill. He immediately comes back to his hometown and visits the hospital. Her condition is not that bad, but she will need to close the restaurant. He decides to take over the restaurant from her, but he is not good at cooking. When he is at a loss what to do, a girl suddenly appears in front of him. She is pretty, hard-working, and good at cooking. But there is one problem that she is actually a witch girl..."

I fail to see how a witch girl that's pretty, hard-working, and good at cooking can be a problem. But, then again, I'm hardly one to make sane decissions on such matters.

P.S. There's also a "consumer" (i.e. safe for work) video game version of Sakura Strasse set for release during 2009, by the way.
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