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No difference, soon enough. Until now, we occasionally bothered to mention GDH as the parent company of anime studio Gonzo. But starting from this April 1 - kidding you I am not - the name "Gonzo" will be adopted by GDH, and the anime studio itself will also be absorbed into GDH. At that time, the anime studio's business operations will be consolidated with those of its parent company, and both of them will start sharing the same headquarters (the ones currently occupied by Gonzo).

"Fortunately", there's no real danger of over-crowding the unified work space, considering the recently announced corporate holocaust, which will see Gonzo cutting down its creative staff from 130 to 30. This adds to a growing string of restructuring news involving Gonzo, and the results are already starting to show: from the 8 anime titles they had originally planned for 2009, only 4 will see the light of day.

The funny thing is that 5 titles are currently known, so one of them has had to go. All evidence points to the victim being Alive: The Final Evolution, since it's not even listed among the works on Gonzo's website. So the remaining 4 should be:
- The Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk - already airing since January 2009
- Shangri-La - April 2009 (pictured above)
- Slap Up Party: Arad Senki - 2009
- Saki - 2009

And to conclude, I guess this is a good time to take a quick, retrospective look over Gonzo's history, as compiled by ANN:
"Gonzo was established in 1992 when anime producer Shouji Murahama left Gainax to start his own company. It merged with Shinichiro Ishikawa's Digimation company in 2000 and a new parent company was formed, GDH (which stands for Gonzo Digimation Holdings). The consolidation announcement comes a week after the Nihon Keizai Shimbun paper reported that GDH is restructuring its anime production operations, although GDH's official website posted no announcement corroborating this report."
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