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The Kiddy Girl manga we already mentioned in passing last week, but on top of that, the Comp Ace magazine will begin serializing 4 more manga adaptations based on various anime and games starting with its May issue (out on March 26). This bishoujo bonanza will mark the magazine's fourth anniversary since its March 2005 debut, as a spin-off publication of sorts to the more prolific magazine Comptiq.

Below is a list comprising all five new manga titles, with links to each one's parent anime / game page here on Animekon. A fine collection it is.
- Hoshiuta - the recent eroge by Front Wing, adorably pictured above
- Kiddy Girl-and - the recently announced spin-off anime that continues the Kiddy Grade franchise (the manga will actually be titled Kiddy Girl-and Pure)
- Musou Tourou (Vision of a Lantern) - a PSP adventure game coming from publisher Nippon Ichi Software on March 19, 2009
- Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai - the Munto TV remake that began airing this January
- Stellar Theater - an upcoming eroge from the debutant developer Rosebleu
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