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We may still not have a confirmation for that Sasameki Koto yuri anime rumored last week, but at least there's another yuri-themed manga that's officially getting animated. Aoi Hana (Sweet Blue Flowers) was announced to receive a TV anime adaptation starting from July 2009, according to the 56th volume of the Manga Erotics F magazine where the manga has been running since 2004.

J.C. Staff has been named as the production studio in charge of the anime version, which is pretty much the only other detail known about it at this time. The original manga is written and drawn by Takako Shimura, and so far it was compiled into 3 volumes. The story, as summarized by ANN, goes like this:
"Fumi Manjoume and Akira Okudaria were close friends when they were young, but when Fumi moved away, they lost contact. Ten years later, they meet again as high school freshmen. Although they find that things between them have changed, they try to help each other through hard times, and maintaining the new lives they've built without growing apart."
BlueZodiacwrote on Mar 12, 2009 at 19:22
It's such an unexpected thing to happen.
Anyways I am really happy that there's going to be another yuri-themed anime to come.
I also like the story despite of the slow pace and art style. (That really doesn't matter...)
What would totally make me happy is when there'd be a Sasameki Koto confirmation. It's really one of my favorite yuri manga.
I also hope more yuri manga, novel or games get anime adaptations too.
Stokkywrote on Mar 17, 2009 at 18:18
Sasameki Koto confirmation it is then.
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