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Former "queen of J-Pop" Namie Amuro - nowadays just some random R&B singer - will also release her new song "Dr." as an anime music video, when her latest single album "Wild / Dr." comes out next week, on March 18. Officially, that is. Because off the record, the single was already leaked on the webs last month. It includes two songs, by the way, the other one being "Wild" (predictably enough from the album's title).

This will be Amuro's first fully animated music video, according to ANN, and below you can see additional screenshots from it, along with a "story" of sorts - as much narative can be squeezed in 5:43 minutes of footage. The animation was reportedly done in one month, by a team of 40 directed by Junpei Mizusaki - whom we might have heard more about, had Gonzo's Mardock Scramble OVA not been cancelled.

"The video's story is set in the year 3000 on an Earth that has been reduced to ruins by weapons of mass destruction and environmental destruction. An animated alter-ego of Amuro is the lone survivor who wants to restore the once beautiful planet. She attempts to "convey a message of 'world peace' that transcends time" to the 21st century through a time-slip. A girl living in the present (as represented by another alter-ego of Amuro) receives that message of world peace."

Oh and the "Wild / Dr." album covers, in CD and CD+DVD format.

Yamiruwrote on Mar 25, 2009 at 21:50
I love the music video :)
But I have to say that Namie is not just a random R&B singer, now she has returned to the spotlight and I think she's the most popular female singer in Japan (Ayumi is in decline).
anonymouswrote on Mar 27, 2009 at 17:46
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