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And to end this gloriously productive day in style, I'm psyched to present you our second annual award here at Animekon: the Best Lolicon Anime of 2008. With the blessing of loli Jesus and over 9000 over 800 of your votes, the title hereby goes to Strike Witches - Gonzo's anime buzzing full of flying lolis who aren't ashamed of their skimpy outfits. Pantsu ja nai!

Once again, it seems we're on the same wavelength with many of you guys (and gals?) when it comes to making important decissions; and choosing one single lolicon anime from a whole year is no easy thing. Unfortunately for Lucky Star, this is the second year it comes in second place according to the users' votes, after last year the original TV series lost to the much naughtier Kodomo no Jikan. By the way, look out for the upcoming Kojikan OVA at next year's awards!

Thanks everyone for your input, and don't feel bad if your favorite loli didn't make it to the top: all the anime listed above are well worth watching, from a lolicon point of view at the very least. And most of them for other things, as well...
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