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First time I saw some art for The Asylum Session, I could've sworn those derranged animators from Studio 4C were behind it. But as it turns out, it's CoMix Wave that has just announced this project as a 3D anime film, produced in collaboration with Brosta TV. The news is of course tied to the Tokyo Anime Fair 2009, which today opened its gates one last time (this year) for the public.

The Asylum Session is presented as a 3D CG film about teens in the distant future, directed by Tact Aoki (who also worked on Romanov's groovy anime Catblue: Dynamite). The movie will premiere in a couple of theatres from Tokyo and Osaka during summer 2009. Also, fans of Aya Hirano (Suzumiya Haruhi, Lucky Star, Kiddy Grade) should know that she will voice the lead character, Hiyoko.

Below are some tiny screenshots I recovered from the film's newly opened website, plus a general story outline from ANN.

"The Asylum Session's story follows the trials and coming-of-age of teenaged boys and girls in the distant future. In this era, the development of civilization has stopped and even declined. Hiyoko is a runaway girl who goes to live in tents with other people at a stadium nicknamed "Asylum". There, she meets Akira, a leader of a band of street children. Profiteering police want to tear down the stadium, so its denizens create a street culture event called "The Asylum Session" to counter those plans."
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