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Last year's fighting game Fate/unlimited codes - originally for the arcades and more recently for the PlayStation 2 console - is also getting a PSP version, aptly titled Fate/unlimited codes Portable. That much has been known for some time, but according to a Dengeki article today, the handheld port's final release date is now set for June 18, 2009.

Fate/unlimited codes is mostly a 3D fighting game, with some adventure elements. It was developed by Cavia and Eighting based on Type Moon's more popular Fate/stay night eroge. Capcom first released 'codes in Japan for the arcades in June 2008, and the PS2 port followed in December.

The PSP version's official website offers some gameplay screenshots, and there's also some trailers to be seen for the PS2 version. And to conclude, additional images have just been added to the game's local gallery.

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