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The most lecherous anime series beginning this April, which is sure to be Queen's Blade, will go all the way on TV: at least on one station, it will allegedly be aired uncensored. The bold broadcaster in question is AT-X, who has taken upon its liberal self to air the "raw" version of Queen's Blade in all its oppai glory. Sankaku Complex believes it's possible that AT-X will stick to this policy (or rather lack of policy) throughout the entire season, unlike the other few TV stations airing the anime in a less risque version.

This would be a welcome change from the ongoing trend of censoring the hell out of TV airings, just to lure fans into buying the uncensored DVD releases. And even so, there will still be a valid reason to buy the DVD / Blu-ray version of Queen's Blade: the extra OVA announced last week, which can only be assumed to feature even more oppai bouncing.

Look forward to the anime's uncensored TV debut this April 2, and the first DVD / Blu-ray volume on June 25. Until then, try the local Queen's Blade trailers and gallery.
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