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Poor Gonzo. As if all their financial troubles and staff cuts weren't enough, now rumor has it that the Japanese studio may have to make ends meet without their most promising project: Strike Witches 2. The unsubstantiated report originates from 2ch, and claims that publisher Kadokawa no longer needs Gonzo to produce the second season of last year's best lolicon anime.

The anime itself should be in no danger, however. The original seiyuu can reprise their roles just as well with another animation studio (Kyoto Animation and Gainax have been speculated to take over), and director Kazuhiro Takamura may easily do the same. But that still won't save Kadokawa from another round of flaming, should the rumor become reality.
anonymouswrote on Mar 31, 2009 at 06:41
I'd love to see KyoAni take it over. Not saying Gonzo isn't an awesome studio, but KyoAni is the best animation quality around.
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