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The Kiddy Girl manga we already mentioned in passing last week, but on top of that, the Comp Ace magazine will begin serializing 4 more manga adaptations based on various anime and games starting with its May issue (out on March 26). This bishoujo bonanza will mark the magazine's fourth anniversary since its March 2005 debut, as a spin-off publication of sorts to the more prolific magazine Comptiq.

Below is a list comprising all five new manga titles, with links to each one's parent anime / game page here on Animekon. A fine collection it is.
- Hoshiuta - the recent eroge by Front Wing, adorably pictured above
- Kiddy Girl-and - the recently announced spin-off anime that continues the Kiddy Grade franchise (the manga will actually be titled Kiddy Girl-and Pure)
- Musou Tourou (Vision of a Lantern) - a PSP adventure game coming from publisher Nippon Ichi Software on March 19, 2009
- Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai - the Munto TV remake that began airing this January
- Stellar Theater - an upcoming eroge from the debutant developer Rosebleu
The sci-fi anime series Tetsuwan Birdy Decode (Birdy the Mighty Decode), of questionable quality at times, will continue beyond its ongoing second season with a new OVA called Tetsuwan Birdy Decode: Cipher. The production company Aniplex has set the DVD's release date for July 22, 2009, and apparently it will feature 2 episodes.

The first OVA episode is refered to as an "unaired episode" that will connect the first and second seasons, while the other one seems to be nothing more than the second season's TV special. Along with credit-less versions of both seasons' OP and ED animations, the package will also include a special booklet full of... stuff.

Now, if only the anime would look as good as some of the fanart...
On a fugitive note, the Jump Square magazine (via ANN) reported that the second DVD episode of the Denpa teki na Kanojo OVA has entered production. Not that there was any doubt it would, given that the complete OVA should have 3 episodes - the first of which is to be released on May 1, 2009 together with the third volume of the Kure-nai manga. Both titles share the same author, illustrator, narative world and animation studio (Brain's Base), among others.

After a rather boring trailer earlier this year, we now also have several screenshots from the first episode of Denpa teki na Kanojo. And it doesn't take much scrolling over that collated image to see there's some sex & violence to be had in this upcoming OVA. (...)

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Out of all the good guys, bad guys and gay guys (i.e. Cloud), not to mention all those hot chicks from Final Fantasy VII, none whatsoever will be the focus of the new spin-off OVA that was announced to be included in next month's Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete release. Instead, Square Enix picked the most boring character possible: Denzel, that sick kid from the Advent Children CG movie. A truly "WTF" choice, indeed.

Denzel's story is one of three novelettes that make up the "On the Way to a Smile" collection (authored by Kazushige Nojima), which takes place in that two-years gap between the FF7 game and the Advent Children movie. In it, Denzel wants to enlist in the World Regenesis Organization, under the leadership of the former Shinra head Reeve. (...)

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A story that had all the signs of another Kadokawa-style disaster at first, eventually turned out to be exactly what we've been hoping for: a second Strike Witches anime series is indeed coming our way! The whole charade began with an intriguing countdown on the anime's official website, set to hit zero on February 27.

Impatient fans, however, managed to fast-forward the cowntdown to zero by modifying their system time, only to find (or, rather, be fooled into believing) that the big announcement was about the previously known Strike Witches games, not an anime sequel. A cute trick on Gonzo's part, seeing how this was nothing more than a misleading fake countdown.

With public opinion free-falling at this point, a bright flash of hope shone just a couple of days before the hyped February 27, revealing that a Strike Witches 2 anime would in fact be announced in The Sneaker magazine (ironically published by Kadokawa), (...)

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What little hope we still had for that Kiddy Grade 2 sequel (and in particular more of Lumiere's exquisite loliness) was shattered to pieces a few days ago, when a spin-off anime was announced to continue the franchise. Titled Kiddy Girl-and, or Kiddy Grand (or even Kiddy Garland as some might prefer calling it), this new anime will leap two centuries further into the future, to the Star Century year 0379.

Sadly, the classic yuri'esque couple formed by Lumiere and Eclair will be replaced by two new characters: the playful Asukuru and the more serious Ku Fiyu, who are training to become members of ES - the finest secret agents with special abilities of the galactic government GTO. The story (...)

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An interesting combo of anime adaptations has just joined the rumorous club, after the Japanese website Moon Phase (via AnimeNation) reported that the mostly-unrelated manga / light novel series Sasameki Koto and Asobi ni Ikuyo! are both getting animated. But I won't be adding them to our anime database just yet, not until we get some sort of confirmation on this one. Or better yet, these ones.

The only vague similarity between the two is that their manga versions were serialized in the same Comic Alive magazine (of Maria Holic fame). Other than that, Sasameki Koto (pictured above) is a yuri manga by Ikeda Takashi about some schoolgirl-on-schoolgirl (...)

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Now that the first visuals have been revealed on its renewed website, I'm glad to say that I still got a good feeling about Summer Wars - the new anime movie coming this summer from an esteemed Madhouse team that reunites the director, screenwriter and character designer of Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time). Three years after their previous success, these guys are confident they can impress us once more, even with a story which might seem to be less interesting.

Visaully, Summer Wars already resembles Tokikake in a few ways, as can be seen from these first stills published on the film's website. With them, come more details about its characters and narative setting. The lead characters are a couple of teenagers named Koiso Kenji (a 17-year-old guy great at math) and Shinohara Natsuki (a 18-year-old girl from her school's kendo club) - shown in the last 3 pictures below, alongside (...)

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Typical: I slack for one week, and that's when all the anime news start piling up. Or maybe not all, but still plenty of February's new anime announcements were made during its final week, prompting the need for another "round-up" on our part. So, let's see...

- Charady no Joke na Mainichi (Charady's Daily Joke) - a new comedy anime that will run for 365 days, each day bringing a new joke from around the world, told by the titular character Charady (website). Begins on April 1, 2009.

- Cookin' Idol Ai! Mai! Main! - some cooking TV series for kids, half animated and half live-action. To be ignored unless you fail at cooking. Begins on March 30, 2009.

- Kara no Kyoukai - a new "remix" movie was announced under the title Kara no Kyoukai Remix: Gate of Seventh Heaven, compiling the first 6 chapters into a single feature set to premiere this March 14. Meanwhile, the 7th and final Kara no Kyoukai movie is also expected some time this spring in Japan. And over in America, the 5th movie (The Garden of Sinners: Paradox Paradigm) will premiere at the Anime Boston convention on May 22.

- Kiddy Girl-and - a Kiddy Grade spin-off! More about it in a separate news post, coming up...

- Kigurumikku V3 Best Episode Collection - some sort of OVA coming from studio AIC ASTA and Hisashi Saito (Bamboo Blade). And no, there was no other Kigurumikku anime, despite the misleading title. Releases on May 20, 2009.

- Lucky Star OVA - licensed by Bandai Entertainment. (...)

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