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One final news for tonight: according to a press release posted on the Anime Expo website, this year's convention from Los Angeles will host the world premiere of Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail - the third anime in the series, otherwise planned for a Blu-ray and DVD debut in Japan this July 17. Anime Expo 2010 (AX 2010) takes place a couple of weeks sooner than that, between July 1 and July 4, so fans frolicking around the Los Angeles Convention Center in Southern California should be mighty thrilled.

The upcoming OVA's first episode will be screened in an exclusive uncut version at the event, on July 1 at 1:30 p.m. "This special screening is made possible by the courtesy of Geneon Universal Entertainment Japan, LLC, and Shogakukan Inc.", the announcement gratefully adds, while continuing to list the most important guests expected to attend the convention. Among them will be Rei Hiroe - the sole creator and artist of the Black Lagoon manga series which spawned the anime adaptations.

And to top this off with a nice pair of b... Berettas, a local Black Lagoon gallery update seems in order. This one focuses on the lead female badass, Revy - enjoy!
Uuu, goodie: free eroge isn't something we see every day. So if your wanking materials were getting dangerously thin, or perhaps you have yet to taste the potentially-illegal pleasures of ero-games, hidden behind countless clicks and walls of kanji... well, now's your chance. This year's visual novel Se.Kirara is being re-released as a free download, after having been pulled over plagiarism concerns last month.

Se.kirara is the debut eroge created by studio Max Factory, and it was originally released in March 2010 as a free download via the Nico Nico Douga website (Japan's YouTube of sorts). The following month, however, the game came under attack for having plagiarized real-life photos, which were only cheaply filtered and then used as in-game backgrounds. As a result, the free download offer was suspended, until all the dubious scenes were re-drawn - leading to this week's re-release.

This new version of Se.Kirara packs around 1.4 GB, and can be downloaded from (...)

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Just when we thought that the xxxHOLiC anime franchise had come to an end, with last month's single-episode OVA xxxHOLiC Rou, here comes yet another one. Granted, it's only a short anime, probably no longer than a few minutes, but still. Fans might be interested to know that this week's 25th issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine includes mail-away cards redeemable for a DVD copy of said xxxHOLiC anime short.

The same goes for two more magazines published by Kodansha: the 6th issue of Magazine Special, and the July issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine will also include one of those mail-away cards, though each magazine will have a different illustration for them.

In other xxxHOLiC related news, (...)

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The ongoing TV anime Angel Beats! has been gaining quite the popularity in Japan, despite some scenes of questionable quality from its first episode (and probably others which I have yet to see). Earlier this month, the anime's 6th episode earned a record high rating on Osaka's MBS station; and the two lead lolis - Yuri and Tenshi - have both made Newtype's top 10 popularity rankings, one of them on the top spot actually (alas, the wrong one!).

As you might recall, Angel Beats! was announced from the get-go as a mixed media project by PC game developer Key (Kanon, Air, Clannad), so expect plenty more adaptations to follow. Already, there is a collection of 7 illustrated short stories written by Jun Maeda and drawn by GotoP, that's been serialized since November 2009 under the title Angel Beats! - Track Zero. Plus a 4-koma manga serialized since December 2009.

Now, a new manga series is starting to take shape. It's called Angels Beats! - Heaven's Door, and its first chapter has been released for free online viewing (...)

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All right, that's enough bad news for one day, let's swtich to something more cheerful. And since there's nothing more cheerful than lolis, well... lolis it is! Necromancer lolis, magical girls, zombies, vampires, ninjas - hell, even vampire-ninjas - there's one series that has them all: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?. So far, this has only been a light novel series, but after yesterday's announcement, an anime version is now also coming our way.

These ongoing comedy / ecchi / harem light novels - also known as "Is This a Zombie?" - are authored by Shinichi Kimura, and illustrated by Kobuichi / Muririn. The franchise is still rather young, as the first volume was only released in Japan last year. But already there are 5 volumes (including the one releasing tomorrow), plus a manga adaptation that's been serialized in the Dragon Age magazine since January. The story (...)

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Another bad news today (last one, yakusoku!) comes from DC Comics co-publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee. In a statement issued this morning, they are announcing the upcoming closure of the CMX Manga publishing label, as of July 1, 2010. The remaining manga volumes scheduled for release this June will still make it, but after that, all series are being abandoned.

The sole exception to this mass-cancellation is the manga series Megatokyo, which will be kept alive under DC Comics' parent brand. For now, the official website is still listing Volume 6 of Megatokyo for a June 16 release. Also, here are the last few manga volumes shipping out from CMX throughout June 2010: (...)

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Things just keep getting worse for lolicons around the world. While England's harmless 2D loli lovers are facing jail time as of last month, and Japan's major cities are becoming more and more obsessed about regulating public access to 2D lolis, the US is once again taking the lead in matters of civic opression. This Monday, the Supreme Court ruled (via San'plex) that Congress has the authority to detain sex offenders indefinitely, even after they have completed their criminal sentences.

This "civil commitment" of sexually-dangerous prisoners was compared to a medical quarantine by Stephen G. Breyer, one of the Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of the law. As if having impure thoughts could somehow infect others... Christ, remind me never to set foot in "the land of the free"!

Out of the nine justices, only two were sane enough to vote against upholding this civil commitment law. One of them, justice Clarence Thomas, had the following to comment: (...)

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Yep, now it's totally useless. What good is an iPad, if you can't even browse hawt manga on it? No pantsu shots, no rebel nipples, no violence, no blood - not even in a medical context - nothing of any interest seems to be allowed on the iPad. Not in manga form, anyway. According to a Japanese report picked up by MangaHelpers, publisher Kodansha has had 30% of its manga denied by Apple, due to depictions of "violence" and "adult situations".

Apple's position on matters of porn was once again made clear by Steve Jobs last month, when he basically told porn users (i.e. the whole world) to "buy an Android or GTFO". But after this development, it's not just porn that's being kicked out of Apple's mobile devices, but quite a few manga titles as well. Even the most popular ones - like Naruto, Bleach or One Piece - may be denied from landing on the iPad, due to (...)

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Now that we actually have a few pictures to go by, it's time to catch up with the latest Vocaloid girl. Her name is Lily, and although she doesn't seem to have a voice-bank yet, she does have a face - once again drawn by KEI, the same artist who gave virtual life to the original Vocaloid lolis Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin, among others. This is just a short month after Miku's very hot "Append" version was also revealed.

Lily's rough character design was exposed in a certain DTM Magazine, on May 8, and naturally it didn't take long for artistically-inclined otaku to start putting out some fanarts. It's also interesting to note that her name "lily" translates to "yuri" in Japanese - a term which, of course, is more popular for its other, more arounsing meaning of girl-on-girl action.

Still, despite the fact that Lily was created by the series' "official character designer" of sorts, the music software's production company Crypton claims (...)

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I'm in despair! Square Enix has left me in despair! Being utterly fed up with World of Warcraft (for the dozenth time), and still not having 25 hours a day to invest for any meaningful result in EVE Online, I had gambled all my hopes and dreams on Square's upcoming online game Final Fantasy XIV - confident that it would be a worthy match for my chronic MMO addiction. Big, big mistake!

Some recent gameplay videos that surfaced on YouTube - which have since been taken down in shame at Square's request - depict one of the most boring combat systems in MMO history. Hell, even mining in EVE looks more exciting at this point. And that's very, very sad...

A backup of said videos can still be seen on (...)

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